Convex Shaped Mask - Pack of 25
Convex Shaped Mask - Pack of 25
Convex Shaped Mask - Pack of 25

Convex Shaped Mask - Pack of 25

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TYPE: Double layered mask in convex shape to make it easier to place over your nose and avoid suffocation with soft elastic loops

WHY WEAR A MASK: Wear a mask to protect others around you as many asymptomatic carries of the corona virus can spread the virus as well. We are not sure who has contracted the virus and all we can do is take the precaution of not spreading to our loves ones in case we have contracted it somewhere.

TESTING CRITERIA FOR OUR MASK: Try blowing at a burning match stick after wearing the mask to check if you can blow it off. If not, then the virus droplets will not escape your mask and your mask is of good protection.

HOW TO USE THE MASK: Upon wearing once, do not place your hand on it. Once you wish to remove for eating or for resting at home, store it somewhere separately and transfer to your laundry securely. Wash, dry and use it again upto 15-20 times.

SIZE: 17 cm X 15 cm (Width X Height)

FABRIC: Outer breathable non woven air mesh and inner moisture management soft fabric

PACK: Available in Pack of 5, 10, 15, 20

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